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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Wed Jul 09, 2008 3:00 pm

There is one thing i want to mention before i start with the rules for the forum. I am very supportive of the free speech idea for the internet. However, if you post something that is offensive or in a biased opinion, or if you post something with which you are trying to force people to accept your beliefs, please note that it will be taken down. I'll try to be more lenient to you guys but if you happen to piss off one of the admins I can, in no way help you out. Being here is a courtesy of Andy, he doesnt have to do this and if you are purposefully posing problems do not think, even for a second, that you will be welcome here.


One detail everyone must know is that posts and topics regarding Gathering will be deleted immediatley.

\/\/\/Do Not Do Any Of The Following\/\/\/

- Posting useless topics.
- Necromancing old topics, topics which are from a month or longer, with a useless post.

*Double Posting*
- Posting twice in the same topic consecutively.
- The edit function should be used to avoid double posting.

*Off Topics*
- The posts in the topic should relate directly to the title.
- Try and stay on topic.

- Complaining about the server or forum should be discussed somewhere else.
- Any posts or topics which are seen as complaints will be removed.

*Verbal Abuse*
- Knowingly or unknowingly insulting someone either here on in game shall be considered verbal abuse.
- Flaming and "Flame Wars" are also considered verbal abuse and willl be dealt with accordingly.

- Plagiarism in all forms is not allowed.
- All topics found to be plagiarized will be removed.

*Real Money Trading*
- This will not be allowed.
- Topics will be removed as soon as they are found.

*Viral Linking*
- Do not post any links linking to Scam Sites, Bogus Sites, Browser-Bombs, Abnormal Pop ups, Bots and Third Party Programs, and any link that pertains to illegal activities, annoying, abnormal and dangerous site.
- The links will be removed and the topic shall be removed if necessary.

*Inappropriate Images*
- Any sexually explicit or extremely violent images should be posted with a warning to avoid offending others.
- Images should not contain any suggestions to degrade the server, forum, player, or moderator.

><><><Guidelines and Things You SHOULD Follow><><><

*Forum Account*
- All members should have only one forum account.
- Impersonating another member or mod is not allowed.

- Signatures should be the size of a normal post. They can be larger if they dont cause a problem with the size of the actual page.
- As with names, images, and posts, signaturs should not contain any offensive material.

- Profanity in any language is not allowed even if you think someone may not understand you.
- For now the languages being used in the forum and on the server are English and Spanish.

*Post Format*
- Please post legibly. Avoid posting in all caps, excessive punctuation, etc.
- Font type/color/size must be appropriate.

- Images should be on an image hosting site or hosted by you personally.
- All images should be appropriately sized, if they are to large use a link.

- Although it is hard to do so when the other person may be miles away, try your best to be respectful.
- The moderators and admins are people too, try to consider what we would think before posting or messaging us with your thoughts.

Excuses about not reading this will not be heard.
These rules are subject to change or be updated at any time.

Thank You,
The SilentRO Staff

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Forum Rules
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